Ano Sa Tagalog Ang Agreement

Agreement is a common term used in the English language, particularly in legal, business, and professional contexts. In Tagalog, the official language of the Philippines, agreement is translated as “kasunduan.” This word is commonly used in both spoken and written Filipino communications.

Kasunduan is formed from the root word “sundo,” which means to follow or to agree. Kasunduan, therefore, means a mutual agreement or understanding between two or more parties. It is often used to refer to an agreement or contract that has been made between individuals or groups.

In business, kasunduan is a crucial term used in contract negotiations and agreements. This term is often used in discussions regarding the terms and conditions of a business deal, such as pricing, delivery, and payment schedules. The kasunduan outlines the expectations of both parties involved, and serves as a legally binding agreement that all parties must adhere to.

In legal settings, kasunduan is commonly used to refer to settlement agreements or plea bargains. These agreements are reached between parties involved in a legal dispute, and are designed to resolve the issue without the need for a trial. Kasunduan is used to establish the terms of the agreement, such as the settlement amount, the release of liability, and any other necessary conditions.

In personal relationships, kasunduan can also be used to refer to an agreement or understanding between individuals. For example, couples may make a kasunduan regarding the division of household chores, financial responsibilities, or other aspects of their relationship.

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